What Kind of Companies Should Hire Serviced Offices?

Before we begin discussing the kind of companies that are ideally placed to hire out serviced offices, it is important to first define what a serviced office is. A serviced office, also commonly referred to as an executive suite, is office space that is rented out by a single company to a corporate. The company that owns the office space provides a range of features, in the form of a company secretary, tech equipment (software and hardware), as well as regular maintenance. The corporate entity renting out the serviced office need only worry about paying a monthly rental fee to avail these services.

Serviced offices are ideal for many types of companies, but more so, for start-ups. Start-ups generally have a high degree of risk associated with them, as well as lower budgets. A start-up is initially focused on developing a particular product or service, as well as increasing a client pool. As such they are unlikely to get themselves involved too much with the day-to-day operations and maintenance work.

Companies that are in the process of setting up their own office spaces, can also opt for serviced offices in the interim period. This is because serviced offices typically allow great flexibility when it comes to lease lengths, with most of them offering month-to-month lease.

Other kinds of companies who may be interested in hiring serviced offices include those that are conducting individual projects within a particular country or city, those that are conducting market research within a country for a short period of time, or companies setting up branches that focus on client servicing activities.