The Benefits of Having a Registered Business Address

With the rise of the world wide web, many people are opting to launch their business from home rather than renting a commercial space. Working from home is nice, but you need a registered business address for all the official communications. A registered address is the address where you will receive all your formal mails. If you’re planning to launch a business, then you should consider spending on a registered address, preferably a non-residential one.

Here are four benefits of having a registered business address.

  • Better formal communication: You will receive all the posts sent by your clients and customers at the registered address. Also, all the legal documents sent by the government will come to this address. This will improve your formal communication with the clients, customers, and other companies because you will be able to reply promptly. The registered business address will also be printed on your company’s letterhead which will further improve business communications.
  • Improved corporate image: Opting for a non-residential business address means that you will be free to choose any location you like for your business. If you can invest more, you can also go for a reputed location. Having a business address in a prominent location will certainly make a good impression in front of your clients, customers, and business partners. This will eventually lead to increased sales and more business.
  • Helps maintain work-life balance: If like most people, you work from home, then you may not want to disclose your home address for official uses. In such a situation, you can opt for an off-site registered business address. Having your home registered as your business address might increase the risk of receiving unwanted mails and even visitors. But having an off-site registered business address will help maintain work-life balance while also ensuring that you receive all your official mails and letters.
  • Less worries: You will find many providers of registered addresses. They charge a monthly or a yearly fee to give your business a registered address where they will forward all the mails to your home address. This will improve your company’s image because clients will think that they are sending mail to a business address instead of a home address. Also, if you are an ex-pat, people will worry less if they know that they are sending mail to a local address rather than an overseas address where there are chances of mails getting lost.

Business of all shapes and sizes can benefit from having a registered address because it can not only protect your privacy, but it can also provide a professional image facelift for your business. If you are going to start a limited company then you should either opt for registering your business address or you can take the services of a registered addresses provider. Nevertheless, having a registered address will certainly help improve your business and ignoring its advantages may cost you in the form of potential customers.