Hong Kong Company Set Up – A Grade To Your Business

Having a Hong Kong Company is the best choice as it is best business-boosting country in the Asian region. Its advantages are multi-fold. A Hong Kong Company will have the lowest tax schemes, high grade infrastructure, good transport facility and the process of registering a Hong Kong Company is simple and fast.


As per the latest standard and poor’s rating, the Hong Kong Companies have made up a stable AAA credit rating which is the best among all the developed countries. Hong Kong has a GDP of US$ 248.6 billion, which has grown 180 times at of it in 1890’s. The maximum tax rates applicable to the Hong Kong Companies are just 16.5%! Added to this Hong Kong has a controlled political government with best jurisdiction laws which helps all the companies to be safe in each and every aspect.The social environment is highly sustainable, the climate is tolerable throughout the year. Hong Kong is the 14th least corrupt country in the world with the index of 77/100 cleanliness according to the Transparency organization.

Hong Kong is in the closest proximity to the biggest producer of the world: CHINA. Pearl River delta which is the centralized exporting bub of China is less than an hour’s drive from Hong Kong. Stock exchange of Hong Kong (HKSE) is the base trading agent to the Hong Kong Companies. It is the second largest in terms of Capitalization, all over Asia.

Setting up a Hong Kong Company is very easy as there are all kinds of serviced and virtual office available which are amply connected by the highroads and public transport services. Also, the international terminal and its logistics services are exceptional. Port of Hong Kong adds the easiness of export and import by the Hong Kong Companies.

Registering a Hong Kong Company is pretty easy: The company name and its structure must be proper. The Hong Kong company law is to be adhered to: Minimum one director, Company secretary who must be in Hong Kong. Both posts cannot be filled in by the same person. The minimum issued share capital must be HK$1. Then the Hong Kong Company is registered with a Hong Kong bank account, building up the office and the employments and so on.