Hong Kong Visa and Immigration – An Overview

Visa is a mandatory requirement for any person to live and work in hong kong especially if you want to start business hong kong. Let us take a glance about the get-it and do-it regarding the visa procedures in hongkong.

Job security is a must in Hongkong for skilled non-native foreign workers who are applying for an employee visa in hong kongAlong with a secure job a professional is also expected to possess a decent educational record, of willingly an under graduate degree. That can be added with a track of professional experience and special skills if any. A hong kong visa is a lot simpler to acquire than in any other business centre in the world which is as good as hong kong.

Papers needed for Employee Visa Applicant:

  • Filled in Employment Visa Application form.
  • Photo Copy of the Passport showing the details about the applicant. If in case you are presently residing at hongkong then another photo copy denoting the latest arrival seal/extension of hongkong  stay tag in passport should also be attached.
  • A Photo copy of your Identity Card issued in Hongkong if any.
  • A Photocopy as a proof of your overseas residence.
  • A photocopy of documents supporting your educational qualifications and professional Experience.

The complete documentation should be in English or Chinese else translated into any one of these languages by a recognised translation authority. The Immigration office reserves the right to ask for more documents regarding the applicant or his employer company in hong kong if they found it necessary.

All is well  for a business start in hong kong and if we have succeeded in submitting the application for a hong kong visait gets boiled up for about 4 weeks of processing. If at all the application if found to be complete and compromising the authorities would provide the hong kong visa/entry permit tag which must be collected from the same immigration office by the applicant or any other authenticated person.

The hong kong Visa/Entry tag should be pasted onto the blank visa page of the applicant’s passport and reported to the immigration officer while entering into the hongkong.

Dependant Visa (for Spouse and Children of the Visa holder)

In a business centre like hong kong, persons with work permit (hong kong visa) are eligible to bring their family along with them (their spouse and unmarried children who is of age below 18). In order to abide by this facility every member of the family must file a dependant visa application. The length of stay of the dependants is bounded by the length of stay of the actual hong kong visa holder. Further the dependents may take up employment or education in hong kong with this dependant hong kong visa.

Permanent Residence

With the help of the hong kong visa, if the period of stay in the employment of professional scheme crosses 7 years then you are eligible to apply for permanent residence in hong kong. In a business centre like hong kong this is commonly denoted as “Right to Abode” in hong kong. The permanent residence application is also bounded by several pre-requisites and depends on appropriate satisfaction of all those requirements.

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