Choosing an Office in Hong Kong – What Are Your Options?

Choosing an Office in Hong Kong – What Are Your Options?

Hong Kong has grown to become one of the largest hubs for business in the world. Many business with headquarters across the globe are now looking for excellent office spaces to set up subsidiary or branch operations in cost-effective ways. When it comes to selecting office space, one of the most important factors to consider is that of location. Your company’s address will define the level of professionalism it exhibits to potential clients. Securing office space within important business districts that are easily accessible via various transport systems will also become vitally important.

Serviced offices

Fortunately, Hong Kong provides a wide range of office space options, for companies with varying operational budgets. Among these, a popular option is that of a serviced office space. Serviced office spaces integrate the finest technology and office equipment into their layouts, thereby allowing companies to reduce their initial set-up and maintenance expenditures.

These offices are maintained by staff employed by the provider itself. An important benefit of a serviced office space is flexible lease lengths. For businesses looking to structure and complete one time business dealing in Hong Kong, it may not be feasible to set up their own fully functional offices. In such cases, serviced office spaces provide a great alternative. Companies can choose between lease lengths anywhere between a single month to a full year. As such, they will never have to worry about paying lease payment penalties when they end their Hong Kong based operations prematurely.

Virtual offices

Another excellent option available to companies locating in Hong Kong is that of the virtual office. Virtual offices are an extremely cost-effective option and must be considered, especially by smaller businesses on strict operational budgets. Virtual offices also come integrated with high end networking and communications technologies. As such, they function as a great point of contact between the company and prospective clients.

All communications and updates can be relayed back to a company’s original address, anywhere across the world, via e-mail or mobile technology. What is most attractive about virtual office spaces, is that its staff are answerable to the provider, not the company renting the space out. As a consequence, companies can save extensively on human resource expenditures, since they do not have to set up employee benefit schemes, and deal with other relevant legal issues like taxation. Virtual offices in Hong Kong are also equipped with highly trained staff, fully qualified to use and manage communication software.