Choose Serviced Offices Over Traditional Office Spaces

There is a general misconception that serviced offices can be far more expensive to than traditional office space. This, however, cannot be further from the truth. Serviced offices offer a variety of advantages to companies, helping them reduce their operational costs, while also increasing the degree of convenience. One of the most important benefits of a serviced office is that of flexible leases.
Typically, serviced offices are available on month to month leases. As such, a business need not rent out spaces for periods longer than necessary. Once business operations have been completed, the office space can be easily evacuated, without the headache of terminating long leases, and paying penalties.

When it comes to managing accounts and finances, serviced offices offer more benefits than traditional office spaces. The provider of the serviced office is responsible for calculating how much, and how often different office equipment has been used, providing a single bill to the company renting out the space. This will also include electricity, cooling, heating and any maintenance work. This saves companies the trouble of keeping track of their office usages, so that they can focus on business operations, strategy, and increasing sales turnover.

For many companies, portraying a professional image is of utmost importance. Serviced offices typically come with well-trained reception staff and secretaries who are capable of managing e-mails and phone calls. In this manner, serviced offices offer a high degree of professionalism, especially for businesses conducting client-facing operations.