Applying Hong Kong Visa – An Easy Way To Enter China

Visiting a new country starts with the Visa enrollment. Hong Kong Visa procedures are simple and affordable to any person. As a free growing, trade – friendly  economy in the South Asia, Hong Kong Visa is available on arrival if your stay is less then fourteen days. For an extended visit; passport, colored photo with the Hong Kong Visa form filled is to be attached with the prescribed visa fees. The original letter of the Hong Kong company invitation to stay, stating the duration of the stay is to be submitted. One of the main reasons to choose Hong Kong is that the taxing rates are very less and the private people’s rights are guarded.  The number of people applying for the Hong Kong Visa has increased substantially due to the fact that trade is flourishing and the prospects of profits are sky-high.


To apply a Hong Kong Visa the foremost step will be to read about the procedures clearly from their official site and know our requirements. Embassy is the gateway to acquire our Hong Kong Visa, so it is mandatory to keep in touch with them. They have PROs who will help us in choosing the correct kind of visa we require and guiding us through the “Hong Kong Visa” acquiring process. They would see to the Pre-requisites of being eligible in which the person who is applying must be financially sound and he must be able to sustain in the new environment. For the past ten years the person must not be involved in any criminal activities nor any cases be pending.

There are a few more clauses that the candidates must fill in the Hong Kong Visa forms. He must know English or any other Chinese language. For a technical person, they must have completed their graduation earlier with a minimum pass with an 80% or above.