Which elements should be considered before choosing your office? 選擇辦公室之前應考慮哪些要素?

Are you finding an office to continue your business? Many clients have many different consideration n before choosing the suitable one. Having a prefect workplace is one of the methods to benefit your business. As a result. KPC Business Centre would like to identify the factors which you should consider for your office. You will be able to find the brilliant office space for your needs in Hong Kong.

  1. Office Location

Located your office in a core district is a significant element for your business. It will enhance the company exposure if your office is located at a commercial core area. No matter your staff or client, they both should feel convenient about getting around at your office and reduce the unnecessary traveling time. KPC Business Centre is located at the most accessible area – East Tsim Sha Tsui. When you would like to visit our centre, only 1 min walk from the station then you are arrived.

  1. Price

When you find an office to operate your business, the most concern element should be the price. Many companies would like to reduce the renting expenses. However, it is to late to spot out the hidden charge when they pay the bill. KPC as a service provide, we highly recommend that you should discuss the agreement with the office provider physically. Check carefully if there are any hidden costs in the package before you make any decision. In order to provide the highest quality service to our client, KPC is welcome you to pay a visit and negotiate a tailor-made package base on your needs.

  1. Supporting Facilities

Even though you rent a serviced office, lack of supporting facilities will become a barrier of your business. Mostly, printer, pantry, wifi and furniture will be provided to the client. These kinds of facilities are indispensable element when you consider to rent an office. They are tiny however they will assist you to run the business. You cannot name as serviced office if they lack of these facilities. In KPC Business Centre, we fully provide the physical facilities as your need. Furthermore, we have corporate services such as company secretary, accounting & audit management for our clients. We are not only solve the client’s workplace problem, but also assist their business growth.

KPC Business Centre has 12 years experiences with providing outstanding serviced office in GRADE A commerce building in East Tsim Sha Tsui. Look for booking your office? Please feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] / Whatsapp us +852 9168 9205 anytime.



把您的辦公室設在商業核心區是助長您業務發展的重要因素。它將提高您公司的知名度。無論您的員工還是客戶,他們會對辦公或會面的地點感到方便,並減少了不必要的交通時間。 而尖沙咀商務中心位於九龍區最容易到達的地區-尖沙咀東部。如果您想參觀我們的中心,從西鐵站步行僅需1分鐘即可到達。


當您找到一家可以開展業務的辦公室時,價錢也是一項需要考慮的要素。許多公司希望減少租金支出。但是,當支付賬單時發現隱性收費卻為時已晚。 我們作為服務提供者,強烈建議您應與服務辦公室提供者討論合約内容。在做出任何決定之前,請仔細檢查合約中是否有任何隱藏費用。為了向我們的客戶提供最優質的服務,歡迎KPC歡迎並根據您的需求量身定制辦公室合約。


即使您租用服務式辦公室,但缺乏輔助設施也會成為您業務的障礙。 打印機,茶水間,無線網絡和傢具等通常都會提供給客戶。 當您考慮租用辦公室時,這些設施是必不可少的元素。 如果缺少這些設施,則不能將其命名為服務式辦公室。 在KPC商務中心,我們會根據您的需要完全提供物理設施。 此外,我們還為客戶提供公司秘書,會計和審計管理等公司服務。 我們不僅要解決客戶的工作場所問題,而且還要幫助他們發展業務。

尖沙咀商務中心擁有12年的服務經驗,並位於地理位置優越的尖沙咀東部甲級商業大樓。請隨時通過[email protected] / Whatsapp向我們發送電子郵件+852 9168 9205。預訂您的辦公室吧。