What Is Virtual Office And How Can It Help You?

Imagine having all the benefits of a physical office space but without the cost, maintenance, and upkeep required for a physical space. This might sound like futuristic craziness, but it is actually a service that is available now from KPC Business Centre!

Just try and think of something a physical office would provide, and the virtual offices have it covered. Just for starters, the most obvious question would be about an business office address. The virtual offices, though, offer you a physical address that you can use on letterhead, sales invoice, website, business card, official business correspondence, and anything else you can think of. You can even have mail delivered to the address and it will be forwarded to whatever other address you want it sent to. Speaking of sending and receiving, the virtual office also has all call-based concerns covered. A live receptionists will answer any calls to your virtual office and can have them transferred to you. They can even email you audio files of any voicemails you might receive, and they can email you scans of any faxes that may come in. The service even includes a live team of experienced professionals that are there to assist you in dealing with any administrative tasks that might come up.

If you’re still speculative, there’s even more good news about the service. If you do actually require a physical space, say for a meeting or otherwise, there are meeting rooms that are well equipped with a wide range of various business related services, free wifi, and even a reception and concierge service which can provide complimentary tea and coffee for guests. It’s really astounding just how much is offered in this service and the many benefits offered by a virtual office that you will not receive from a traditional office space.