How to Set up company in Hong Kong ?

When it comes to location, entrepreneurs prefer Hong Kong wisely to set up company, as it gets attention among foreign companies. Its legal structure offers protection to your company and probably attracts investors to invest their money. Here we can able to deliver quality business as it offers scalable and reliable income.

setup company hong kong

Choice of your business:

Around 50,000 companies are doing real trading business in Hong Kong. You can start business Hong Kong as limited company or with partnership or sole proprietorship. While starting a company you may think of facing issues regarding regulations and registrations of your business. In addition, liable taxes are different for incorporate and unincorporated companies. But really setting up company in Hong Kong diminishes all your fear as it is an easy process, profitable and excellent place.

Setting up company in Hong Kong:

KPC offices offers easy steps for setting company in Hong Kong by submitting following documents and certificates which are mandatory,

  • Memorandum
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Business Registration Certificate

After two weeks from the date of documents submission, registration will be complete one and remember to file Annual Return of company without failure.In general, people show more interested towards private limited company which contains limited members and shares. Its geographic location takes advantage of expanding business to china.

Guidelines to setup company Hong Kong:

  • Every company in Hong Kong must have registered seal, KPC offices provides seals for all the companies
  • Whenever meetings are conducted among the members and director of company, minutes should be prepared.KPC offices helps you by preparing draft minutes.
  • Copies of agreement with foreign parties must be kept.
  • Every member should hold the certificate for their registered shares.
  • Prepare the financial statement of your daily transaction, which reflects your financial status.
  • Any shareholders have rights to ask about records of company and it is better to keep ready and safe.
  • If there is change in your main accounts, you need to officially notify Companies Registry.
  • Profit Tax Return with supporting documents should be submitted from the issue of PTR. Late submission will be lead to penalty.

Another way to set up company Hong Kong is buying an already registered company which contains registered certificates and official clearance. This is an easy way to carry out commercial activities immediately. Affordances, endless benefits, easy financial systems and jurisdiction are reasons to choose Hong Kong for starting business.