Hong Kong Visa Services – KPC is Your Best Choice

Persons who are interested in living, working, studying and run business must apply for the Visa of the particular company. Hong Kong Visa policies are very flexible and all of the professionals and the business peoples are welcome to this country. We at KPC provide “Money Back Guarantee” service to obtain Hong Kong Visa.

Hong Kong is one of the top countries which business people’s choice, as it is very near to the main land of China and its economy and laws are stable. Hong Kong visa policies have taken up the open immigration policy to the benefit of its beloved visitors and investors.

There are many kinds of different people and their needs to enter our country are wide. According to the customers, Hong Kong Visa is classified into four major types. People at KPC are grounded in Hong Kong Visa services to help you out. We have been successfully able to do the paper works and the visa acquiring process at ease. If u still has any queries to satisfy you, mail us to [email protected] or just drop in a call to (852) 2153 6500

Knowing the various Hong Kong Visa options available will help you to decide better.

  • EMPLOYEE VISA: It is meant for individuals who have been placed for working in a Registered Hong Kong Company. The employee invariably improves the economy and hence giving the Hong Kong Visa is beneficial to the government. It is expected out of the applicant that they have a good education background and work place experiences. The financial status of the Employing Company is also taken into consideration. At KPC we try to help you out with an initial counseling on Hong Kong Visa requirements and the criteria to be fulfilled.
  • INVESTMENT VISA: It is for the benefit of the foreign investors who set to make a contribution to the Hong Kong economy. They have the option either to start a new business or to join in a running registered company. This process of acquiring the Hong Kong visa is very tedious as voluminous paper work is to be done. But with KPC services and consultations you can be free to invest and do business.  In the personal interviews held by the Hong Kong Visa department, the applicant must be able to justify his needs and deeds of investing in the Hong Kong Business Companies.
  • DEPENDENT VISA: The dependents visa is for the wife or the minor children of a Hong Kong worker. It is to be noted that the children must be unmarried. Permanent residents of Hong Kong are given an option of obtaining Hong Kong visa to their parents. It goes without saying that the prime visa holder must be able to sponsor for the living of their dependent and separate forms are to be submitted.
  • TRAINING VISA : There are plenty of training fields in companies running here in Hong Kong and if you join in one of them, you are eligible for this training Hong Kong Visa. Specific company contract letter is to be attached with the Hong Kong Visa application form. Maximum time given for stay is 12 months. In any case if the training ends before, the candidate must return to their home country without any delay.

It is possible to extend or transfer the Hong Kong visa in specific situations under the regulation of the government. Keep in touch with KPC office to learn more about these schemes.

KPC provide varied kinds of packages to ensure that you get your desired Hong Kong Visa. The services included are: Free consultation, Preparing and drafting the paper works, submitting forms, keeping you updated with procedures, Collecting and sending you the Hong Kong Visa and extensions or transfers.