Hong Kong Serviced Office Forecast | 香港服務式辦公室預測

Covid-19 has had a tremendous impact on Hong Kong’s economy over the last three years. Social distance and the harshest entry policy. According to the HK Government report, only 540,000 persons entered HK between 2020 and 2022. The total number of arrivals is significantly lower as compared to the single year of arrival in 2018. Along with the cancellation of all entry criteria by the Hong Kong government, overseas travellers are free to enter Hong Kong. Various industries are reviving. Will overseas entrepreneurs relocate their Far East headquarters to Hong Kong?

According to the Business Research Company report on the global serviced office market size, it will grow 19.7% of the using rate around the world. The reason for the growth in the serviced offices is owing to many industries are resuming their operations. Even though the spend Hybrid work model is being the main trend in different companies, they still need to offer a workplace to their staff. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs are recovering from the pandemic. They might not want to spend too much cost on the rental. It leads to the service office market growth in the future.

The office vacancy rate in Hong Kong has risen slightly to 9.5%. Some overseas entrepreneurs relocated their enterprises to other locations since Hong Kong was still enforcing quarantine regulations that made it difficult to operate temporarily. Virgin Atlantic and American Airlines stated in October 2022 that the route between their respective countries to Hong Kong will be discontinued. That means Hong Kong is no longer on the agendas of these two major airlines. Meanwhile, flexible serviced offices or coworking spaces may take the place of traditional offices. COVID prompted many businesses to adopt the hybrid work paradigm as standard practice. Some of them may no longer need a large workplace. We believe that the serviced office market is still appealing to SMEs.

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過去 3 年,新型肺炎使港府實施社交距離和最嚴格的外國人入境政策,同時間嚴重打擊香港經濟。根據香港入境處的報告,2020-2022 年間只有 540,000 人入境香港。與2018年到訪旅客數字相比,總人數大幅減少6千萬人次。隨著香港政府在9月底取消有關入境限制,海外遊客可以在不用酒店隔離的前提下到訪香港。因此不同行業正在復蘇中,但是一些已遷到海外企業是否會回到香港作為他們的遠東總部?我們仍要觀望全球的形勢發展。

根據Business Research Company關於全球服務式辦公室市場規模的報告,全球使用率將增長 19.7%。服務式辦公室增長的原因是許多行業正在恢復運營。儘管混合工作模式正在成為不同公司的主要趨勢,但他們仍然需要為員工提供工作場所。與此同時,企業家們正在從新型肺炎中恢復過來。他們可能不想在租金上花費太多。它導致未來服務式辦公室市場的增長。

香港寫字樓空置率在7月小幅上升至 9.5%。由於香港仍實行檢疫政策,出入境的限制不利外資企業經營,部分外資在過去幾年企業紛紛撤離。例如英國的維珍航空和美國的美國航空在10月均宣佈撤出香港市場。與此同時,靈活的服務式辦公室或共享辦公空間可能會取代傳統辦公室COVID 導致許多公司將混合工作模式應用為正常運營模式。他們可能不再要求寬敞的辦公室。因此我們認為,服務式辦公室市場對中小企業仍然具有吸引力。

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