5 Common Questions On Filling Tax Returns | 填寫報稅表的5個常見問題

Stepping into April, you will receive the green envelope in your mailbox. That means it is time to file your tax return. You might be experienced on the tax filing however there are some common issues that you may miss. Please take a look at the following 5 commons questions on filling the tax returns.

  1. Do I need to file my tax if I have not received the green envelope?

Yes, you must file the tax return to IRD if your salary is higher than the income allowance (the basic income allowance is HK$ 132,000 in 2021). Once you must contact the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) if you do not receive any tax forms. Otherwise, IRD will initiate legal action against you.

  1. What allowances are available in HK?

As we mentioned the basic allowance, HK Government summarised the tax allowances based on the taxpayers’ individual situation. You could find out in the list below which aspect is benefited for your needs:

  1. My MPF contribution will be deducted from the tax calculation?

 For the account holder, only voluntary contributions could enjoy tax deductions under the salaries tax. You may wonder about the limitation of tax deductible. For people who are eligible, the tax-deductible limitation per year is HK$60, 000.

  1. Which documents I need to prepare to IRD?

Before you hand in the documents to IRD, please make sure that all documents are certified by public accounts (CTC Copy from CPA):

  • Certified Copy of Balance Sheet, Audit Report, Statement of Profit & Loss
  • A Tax Computation
  • Completed Tax Return Forms
  1. What Should I do if I am not familiar with HK Tax System?

We highly recommend assigning your accounting & audit issues to local professional services provider. Since they have lot of experiences on handling taxation, you will reduce the time and stress on this issue.

Tax season is coming, have you started preparing the accounting & audit issue? KPC Business Centre has 12 years experiences. Please feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] / Whatsapp us +852 9168 9205 anytime if you have any related Acc & Audit difficulties.

踏入四月,您將會收到一個税務局(IRD)的綠色信封。這意味著是時候提交報稅表了。您可能在報稅方面有不少經驗,但也可能會遇上一些常見問題。本週的Blog中, 我們會分析有關填寫報稅表的5個常見問題。






對於賬戶持有人,只有可扣稅自願性供款的用戶才能享受稅減免稅。符合資格的人士,每年可扣稅的上限為HK $ 60,000。



  • 資產負債表,審計報告,損益表的認証副本
  • 稅收計算
  • 完整的報稅表



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