Why You should Choose a Serviced Office in Hong Kong? 為什麼要在香港選擇服務式辦公室?

Hong Kong as an international greatest city which is an irreplaceable trading port between China and worldwide. In the past 40 years, this city created uncountable business opportunities. Since Hong Kong is a capitalism society, administration and law system are similar with western country. No matter local and overseas companies, they would like to locate their office in Hong Kong in order to trade with China conveniently.  For small medium enterprises, renting a traditional office is not a measurable method since the renting price is too high in Hong Kong. As a result, many companies chose the very good value of serviced office rather than traditional one.

Let us find out why you should choose serviced office in Hong Kong.


Low Cost effectiveness – Many SMEs chose serviced office due to the cost limitation. First, the office’s construction fee is saved. You do not need to spend extra cost to renovate your office. Meanwhile, you can communicate with services provider i.e. business centre about the terms & conditions and room setting before signing the contract. Furthermore, several corporate supporting services such as accounting & audit, Human Resource, company secretary and compliance etc will be provided to in-house client. These comprehensive business support services help in eliminating the downtime when the companies especially overseas SMEs first move to Hong Kong. Using KPC Business Centre for an example, several foreign trading companies are using our serviced office. Those companies claimed that KPC’s reception, accounting and company secretary services are effectively assisting to operate their business. They can manage the time and cost effectively rather that hiring more staff and successfully reach the local market. The example reflected that serviced office promote productivity, better focus and reduce the cost in the operation.


A place to explore networking + create opportunities: In KPC, we provide a premium serviced office with a huge opportunity and networking for SME Companies. In order to provide a networking platform for different business nature, KPC often organised internal event for our clients such as seminar related to corporate services and festival party. It is a rare chance to interact with different professional experts. You may inspirit the idea and build up an unexpected partnership through the events. No matter which scale is your company, KPC business centre can provides your business with countless benefits in the future.


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