Why Startups Choose HK? | 為什麼初創公司選擇香港?

Hong Kong is well-known as a remarkable gateway connecting China and the rest of the world. Because of its unique location, Hong Kong has attracted a large number of entrepreneurs who are starting or expanding their businesses in the region. According to InvestHK’s 2022 Startup Survey, a total of 3,985 startup companies are hiring approximately 15,000 employees. Despite the fact that the pandemic had a negative impact on the Hong Kong economy, the startup employment rate reached a high. Let’s look at why startups choose Hong Kong.

Simple Tax System

The biggest enemy of entrepreneurs is taxation. No one wants to do business with someone who has to pay a lot of taxes. The simple tax system and low tax rate haven are the most appealing factors to startups. The profit tax will be 8.25% on the first HKD$2 million in profits and 16.5% on the remaining profits. In comparison to other countries, Hong Kong’s low tax rate business environment has successfully attracted businesses from various industries. Meanwhile, as a free port, Hong Kong does not impose any customs surcharges, taxes, or tariff quotas on imported or exported goods. As a result, trading is a popular startup business.

Accessibility Funding

Because Hong Kong is a Chinese special administrative region, entrepreneurs’ funds can be transferred freely. When we compared the compliances in China, we discovered that they only accept foreign currency from import and export. Furthermore, the bank’s transaction approval is very strict. In Hong Kong, all funds are free to transfer to third parties under the guidelines of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Many banks in Hong Kong offer multicurrency services to assist startups with easy payment settlement. This is one of the reasons why startups choose Hong Kong as their base if they want to expand their market to China and Asia.

Business Opportunity in China

In recent years, the Hong Kong government has promoted the concept of the Greater Bay Area (GBA), which has a population of over 86 million people and a GDP of over USD$1,500 billion. Greater Bay Area is a component of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which was launched in 2015. The concept has an overarching development plan that incorporates future physical and digital developments. GAB will become a potential market for the startup company because it provided a large market reach, manufacturing, and technological ideas.

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眾所周知,香港是連接中國與世界各國的重要門戶。 香港因其獨特的地理位置,吸引了大批在區內創業或拓展業務的企業家。 根據投資推廣署在 2022 年做的初創企業調查,共有 3,985 家初創公司僱用約 15,000 名員工。 儘管疫情對香港經濟造成負面影響,但初創企業的就業率卻創下新高。 讓我們看看為什麼創業公司選擇香港。


企業家最大的敵人就是稅收。 沒有人願意在必須繳納大量稅款的地方做生意。 簡單的稅制和低稅率是吸引初創企業來港投資的最主要因素。 在香港,公司首200萬港元利潤的利得稅為8.25%,其餘利潤的利得稅為16.5%。 與其他國家相比,香港的低稅率營商環境成功吸引了各行各業的企業。 同時,作為自由港,香港不對進出口貨物徵收任何關稅附加費、稅項或關稅配額。 因此,交易是一項受歡迎的創業業務。


因為香港是中國的特別行政區,企業家的資金可以自由轉移。 當我們比較中國的銀行法規時,我們發現銀行的交易審批是非常嚴格。 在香港,根據香港金融管理局的指引,所有資金均可自由轉移至第三方。 而且,香港的許多銀行都提供多幣種服務,以協助初創企業輕鬆進行付款結算。 這也是初創公司如果想將市場擴展到中國和亞洲,會選擇香港作為大本營的原因之一。


近年來,香港政府大力推進大灣區(GBA)的概念,大灣區擁有超過8600萬人口,GDP超過1.5萬億美元。 大灣區是中國“一帶一路”倡議的組成部分,於 2015 年啟動。該概念有一個總體發展計劃,包括未來的實體和數字經濟發展。 大灣區將成為初創公司的潛在市場,因為它提供了廣闊的市場範圍、製造和技術理念。

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