What Do You Need To Recognise About Opening A HK Corporate Account? | 開立香港企業銀行户口需要注意什麼?

It is undoubtedly that many foreign enterprises are facing difficulties when they are opening a corporate bank account in Hong Kong. Hong Kong banks adopted the anti-fraud measures brought rigid since 2012. They raised the requirement and investigated the applicant’s background in depth. It seems complicated to open a corporate account. Please advert the followings before you start planning your business in Hong Kong.

Documents Preparation

Before you submit the documents to the bank, it is recommended to well prepare the documents to save extra time on dealing with the documents. You could refer to the list below:

  1. Articles of Association (AA)
  2. Business Registration (BR)
  3. Certificate of Incorporation (CI)
  4. Incorporation form NNC1
  5. Latest Annual Return (NAR1)
  6. Shareholder Structure (Organisation Chart of the company, Share transfers etc…)
  7. Document proof of the business (agreements, contracts, invoices)

We noticed that as a startup company without any operation, is truly complicated to open a corporate account in Hong Kong. This is why many agencies are providing bank account opening services and charging a huge service fee.

Application Procedure

When you submitted the documents to the bank, they will request the official signatories or main shareholders (Depends on the bank) to attend the bank meeting and sign the related bank documents. After the final checking and approval from the bank’s compliance team, they will announce the application result.  The whole application procedure will be taken by 1 – 2 months normally. However, the processing time will be increased if the documents are missed. Therefore, we remind you again to well prepare the documents before the application.

Latest Updates 

As we mentioned before, the director or main shareholder is required to attend the bank meeting. Unfortunately, Hong Kong’s border is still closed during the COVID – 19 pandemics. How could I open a bank account without travelling? Currently, several banks are going to provide remote account opening services (special requirements). The applicant only needs to submit the documents online and attend the video conference. If you would like to receive more information about the remote account opening. Please contact us.

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  1. 公司章程(AA)
  2. 商業註冊(BR)
  3. 公司註冊證書(CI)
  4. 公司註冊表格(NNC1)
  5. 最新年度申報表(NAR1)
  6. 股東結構(公司組織結構圖,股權轉讓書等)
  7. 商業證明文件(協議書,合同,發票)





如前所述,董事或股東必須出席銀行會議。不幸的是,在新型肺炎期間香港的邊境仍然關閉。那麼我可以利用遙距方式開銀行戶口嗎?當前,幾家銀行正提供遙距開戶服務 (有額外要求)。申請人只需要上載文件並參加視像會議以代替訪港出席銀行會議。如果您想獲得有關遙距帳戶開立的信息。請聯繫我們。

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