What Benefit You Can Get from Coworking Space? | 共享辦公空間為你帶來什麼好處?

Coworking Space allows different companies to share the same working area. It effectively saved the renting cost and provides the necessary working space equipment. Mostly, they are ideally fit for small businesses. Startups, and short-term tenants who need to establish a community connection.

Cost Saving

The rental fee is the most considered element of the tenant. No matter the apartment or office rental fee, Hong Kong is undoubtedly the costliest in the world. Renting a coworking fee could save the cost. You just need to pay for what you used. Mostly your rental fee is included cleaning, renovation and beverage. Just start working with your notebook. You do not need to worry about the conditional issue.

Network Establishing

This is the main reason small businesses choose coworking spaces as their hub. A coworking space or business centre usually gathers many companies from different industries. Meanwhile, the coworking space organiser sometimes hosts collaboration events such as seminars and workshops for the tenants. Those interesting activities provided the chance to collaborate on new business ideas together.

Work-Life Balance

Recently work-life balance is a significant topic that many employees are focusing on. Co-working spaces offer some leisure facilities such as a pool table, video game equipment etc… for the tenant’s use. Having an energetic environment and facilities is the method to offer a relaxation zone to the tenant when they feel stressed.

KPC Business Centre is offering HK$1,500/month for renting our co-working space . If you are looking for the workspace, please feel free to Whatsapp +852 9130 2236 / Email [email protected]









KPC 商務中心現正推出提供月租$1,500的共享辦公空間優惠,如果您正在尋找工作空間,請隨時 Whatsapp +852 9130 2236 / 電郵 [email protected]