Virtual Business Address & Online Business 虛擬商業地址和網上營商

The recent outbreak of COVID 19 has helped fuel the growing momentum of e-commerce, as it has attracted more consumers to change their shopping habits by online. Online shopping became the main trend around the world. In order to ensure the online platform is running reliable, several leading e-commerce companies such as Amazon which decided to display the seller’s business name and address on the website. According to Amazon’s official certified, this decision is to ensure the consistent baseline of seller information to help consumers. Based on this ground, virtual office became a significant service.

Before this policy is adopted, many online business sellers were facing the same problem – Storage. Some sellers’ e-shop is running in small scale. They usually use their home address for product delivery. However, not everyone is convenience to share their residence for storage. In order to keep seller’s home address private, they prefer to rent a virtual office address. This solution is not only avoiding visits from the customers, but also your products are handled by the professional staff. Sellers can reduce the time cost in managing the delivery. Using KPC’s parcel package for example. Owning to many e-commerce clients are not located at Hong Kong, parcel forwarding is necessary for their business. Also, sellers and buyers can reduce the unnecessary direct contact. Meanwhile, KPC will always be available to receive the important mail so that the seller will not miss. Especially e-commerce created a huge market opportunity during the tough time of COVID-19. Virtual Business Address is becoming vital for online business.

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