Tips to Work Flexibly in the Pandemic | 在疫情中如何保持靈活工作?

Tips to Work Flexibly in the Pandemic

A virtual office provides all the services of an office without the need to rent actual office space. You can work from any location in the world and manage your business effectively. As we mentioned in the last blog, more and more entrepreneurs are preferring work from home or adopting Hybrid Work Model. The virtual office helps you to operate your business easily. Without that, we are going to share some tips which help you to work flexibly during the Covid.

  1. Continuity Plan

The world has been through a myriad of changes Covid was outbreaking since 2020. At this moment, no one knew when will this pandemic end. We cannot stop the business all the time. Therefore, a continuity plan ensures that your business is sustainable operating. KPC Business Centre adopted some plans like non-contacted office rental, the privileged rate for meeting room booking etc… which assist our client to work flexibly.

  1. Flexible Working Arrangement

In order to maintain the social distance and enhance the working spirit, some of the local leading companies like New World Development Company Limited are adopting “Summer Fridays’ + 1 Day Work from Home. This arrangement allows their staff to work flexible during this special environment. We noticed that this Phenomenon is becoming normal. A flexible workplace and schedules ensure that your staff work safely, and they can balance their life, enhancing their productivity. It should be a win-win policy.

  1. Virtual Office

Using the virtual office service can assist you to run your business smoothly. As your company needs a business address for registration, you might not want to be disturbed by tons of letters. Virtual office solved your difficulties and provided a location allowing you to register your correspondent address. Meanwhile, virtual office providers combine traditional office supports with advanced communication technologies to assist you to run your business.

KPC Business Centre provided 14 years of experience in virtual office and business services. We also assist our client to handle their corporate difficulties with a one-stop service. Please feel free to Whatsapp +852 9130 2236 / Email [email protected] if you are looking for related services.


  1. 連續性計劃

自 2020 年疫情爆發以來,世界發生了翻天覆地的變化。直至今天,誰也不知道這場疫症何時結束。 但我們不能一直停止業務。 因此,制定應急性計劃可確保您的業務可持續運營。 KPC商務中心 曾採用了無合約式辦公室租賃、會議室預訂優惠價格等方案,幫助我們的客戶靈活地工作。

  1. 彈性工作安排

為保持社交距離和提升工作效率,一些本地龍頭企業如新世界發展有限公司等正在推行。【Summer Fridays + 1 Day Work from Home】。 這種安排使他們的員工可以在這種特殊的環境中靈活地工作。 我們注意到不少公司正在採用這種辦公模式。 靈活的工作安排和辦公時間表可確保您的員工安全工作,並且可以平衡生活,從而提高他們的生產力。 這應該是一個雙贏的政策。

  1. 虛擬辦公室

如果您是創業家,您可能會選擇在家工作。而虛擬辦公室服務可以幫助您順利開展業務。 由於您的公司需要一個商業地址進行註冊,而您可能不希望在家中被大量信件打擾。 虛擬辦公室便解決了您的困難,並提供了一個可以讓您註冊的通訊地址。 同時,虛擬辦公室提供商將傳統辦公室支持與先進的通信技術相結合,幫助您開展業務。

KPC 商務中心提供了 14 年的虛擬辦公室和商務服務經驗。我們還通過一站式服務協助我們的客戶解決他們的企業難題。如果您正在尋找相關服務,請隨時 Whatsapp +852 9130 2236 / 電郵 [email protected]