Post Pandemic Era – What should I know if restarting the business in HK? | 後疫情時代——在香港重啟業務前我應該知道什麼?

From Alpha to Omicron, the world’s economy is dramatically affected by Covid for almost 3 years. Every country implemented different policies to prevent the virus from spreading. Especially Hong Kong is adopting an ambitious zero Covid policy, our border is nearly closed for almost 3 years. Since HK Government established strict requirements for the visitors, many oversea entrepreneurs decide to close down / postpone their business in Hong Kong. Along with more and more countries coexisting with the virus and opening their border, Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced that non-HK citizens could visit HK under the obligatory requirements started on 1st May 2022.

  1. Fully Vaccinated

Fully vaccinated means the suggested dosage has been administered by the “List of COVID-19 Vaccines Recognised for Specified Purposes” and relevant guidelines of a COVID-19 vaccination course at least 14 days before arrival in Hong Kong.

  1. 7 Days Quarantining

All visitors have to reserve a designated quarantine hotel for no less than 7 days. During the quarantining period, you need complete the PCR test which is assigned by the Department of Health. You could go anywhere after 7 days of quarantining and the rapid PCR tests.

  1. Circuit Breaker of the flight

Hong Kong is set to ease its flight ban policy. Under the current circuit-breaking mechanism, airlines will be banned from flying a particular route for five days if five or more passengers on a flight are found to be infected upon arrival or if there’s one confirmed infection and another non-compliant passenger on hotel quarantine bookings and pre-departure tests.  You have to check the flight schedule if you are planning to visit HK.

  1. The documentation prepared before you visit

Please be reminded that you have to prepare the below documents before you visit HK. Otherwise, you could not on board the flight:

  • Negative result proof of a PCR-based nucleic acid test for COVID-19 and relevant arrangements for recovered persons
  • Confirmation of room reservation in a Designated Quarantine Hotel
  • Documentary proof for completion of vaccination

If you have any planning to visit HK, please feel free to contact us at +852 9130 2236 / email [email protected]. We will assist you to resume your business in HK.

從 Alpha 到 Omicron,在近 3 年間受到新冠肺炎在近 3 年間嚴重影響全球經濟。每個國家都實施了不同的防疫政策以壓止病毒傳播。尤其是香港正在採取的清零政策,我們的邊境出入口幾乎關閉了3 年。由於香港政府對外國旅客提出嚴格的入境要求,許多海外企業家決定關閉/暫緩在香港的業務。隨著越來越多的國家與病毒共存並開放邊境,行政長官林鄭月娥宣布,根據2022年5月1日起,非香港公民只要乎合強制性的要求便可入境香港。

  1. 完全接種疫苗

根據港府在已完全接種疫苗的定義是指在抵港前至少 14 天,已按照《特定用途認可的 COVID-19 疫苗清單》和 COVID-19 疫苗接種課程的相關指南接種了建議劑量。

  1. 7天酒店隔離

所有訪客必須預訂指定檢疫酒店不少於7天。在隔離期間,您需要完成衛生部門指定的 PCR 測試。經過 7 天的隔離和 PCR 測試後,您可以在香港自由行動。

  1. 航班熔斷機制


  1. 來港前需要準備的文件


– COVID-19 PCR 核酸檢測陰性結果證明 / 康復者的相關證明

– 指定隔離酒店的房間預訂確認文件

– 完成疫苗接種的證明文件

如果您有任何訪問香港的計劃,請隨時與我們聯繫+852 9130 2236 / email [email protected]。我們會協助您恢復在香港的業務。