Is there any authorisation for Virtual Bank in HK? | 虛擬銀行在香港有獲得授權嗎?

Virtual banking is rapidly expanding in Hong Kong. They offer savings, transaction, and loan services but do not have any physical branches. Some ofclients may be concerned about whether the service providers are safeLet’s take a look at how virtual banks are authorized in Hong Kong.

In 2018, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) issued a guideline regarding the authorization of HK virtual banks. According to the ‘Guideline on Minimum Criteria for Authorization,’ all service providers must meet the minimum criteria for authorization outlined in the Banking Ordinance. The applicant must have a clear business plan outlining how it intends to conduct business and meet the authorisation criteria. As a ‘Virtual Bank’ conventional retail bank, HKMA asked them to actively promote banking services and meet the needs of their target customers, such as SMEs and individuals. Meanwhile, the HKMA has asked the owners to provide strong financial and technical support because the initial years will be fraught with higher risks.

The virtual bank owner is required to submit an Exit plan as part of the license application. In general, an exit plan should address issues such as the circumstances under which the plan will be activated, the authority to activate the plan, the channels to be used to repay depositors, and the source of funding for making the payments.

The HKMA is not only establishing numerous regulations and high standards for new virtual bank applicants, but it is also putting in place measures for ongoing supervision. Even though the virtual bank has some regulations that are different from traditional supervisory requirements, they still need to follow them.

Hong Kong has a fluent and law-protected banking system which guarantees a safe banking environment for the service provider and user. The Hong Kong Authority has authorized both traditional and virtual banks. KPC Business Centre is providing bank account opening service with different banks’ options. Mail [email protected] / Whatsapp us at +852 9130 2236 your questions if you are confused with the application process.

虛擬銀行業務在香港迅速擴張。 他們提供儲蓄、交易和貸款服務,但沒有任何實體分支機構。 一些客戶可能會擔心服務提供商是否安全。 讓我們來看看虛擬銀行在香港是如何獲得授權的。

2018 年,香港金融管理局(金管局)發布了有關香港虛擬銀行授權的指引。 根據《認可的最低準則指引》,所有服務提供商都必須滿足《銀行業條例》中規定的最低授權標準。 虛擬銀行的擁有人必須提交明確的商業計劃,概述其打算如何開展業務並滿足授權標準。 作為一家“虛擬銀行”,金管局要求他們在積極地推廣銀行服務和滿足中小企業和個人等目標客戶的需求方面。 同時,金管局已要求業主提供強大的資金和技術支持,因為開業的最初幾年充滿很高的風險。

作為申請的一部分,虛擬銀行所有者需要提交退場計劃。總體而言,退場方案明確列出啟動這方案的條件、啟動權限、還款渠道、還款資金來源等問題。金管局不僅為新的虛擬銀行申請人制定了眾多法規和高標準,而且還制定了持續監管措施。 儘管虛擬銀行有一些不同於傳統監管要求的規定,但他們仍然需要遵守這些規定。

香港擁有完善的法律保護的銀行系統,確保為服務提供商和用戶提供安全的營商環境。 金管局已授權傳統銀行和虛擬銀行。 KPC商務中心擁有14年的銀行開戶經驗。如果您對申請流程有疑問,歡迎發送郵件至 [email protected] / Whatsapp 我們 +852 9130 2236。