Is That Common To Rent A Short Term Serviced Office in Hong Kong? | 在香港租用短期服務式辦公室常見嗎?

No one can predict how global business will be changed. From startups to large enterprises, you must guarantee that your office suits your business plan and growth. Based on the demands in Hong Kong, the business centre is providing several office solutions to the companies who have different requirements.


Short term period rental is especially designed for the companies are not legally bound with an office for a long period. For the SME owners, they might concern with the tight budget. As a result, many companies would like to rent a short term serviced office. It does not only reduce the risk of multi-year contract such as the financial threat but also allows you to move out or renew the contract according to your business status.

Before you make the decision to rent an office in short term contract, there are several elements that you must consider first. Cost – which is the most important thing for the rental. You need to evaluate your budget and make sure that it is enough to pay the bill. Some service provider may offer you the agreement which is including the flexibility. Duration – renting a serviced office cause you do not prefer the lock-up agreement. No matter one day, one month or a year; you are able to discuss with your service provider to fit for your needs. Physically needs – As the name serviced office, consider what facilities will be offered. WIFI, phone line and furniture are the basic equipment as you need. These kinds of facilities should be provided by your landlord so that you could reduce the extra cost. That is another reason why people choose serviced office.


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在決定以短期合同租用辦公室之前,必須首先考慮幾個因素。成本–這是最重要的租金。您需要評估預算,並確保足以支付賬單。一些服務提供商可能會為您提供包括靈活性的協議。租用期限–由於您不喜歡鎖定協議才租用服務式辦公室。無論日租,月租或年租;您可以與您的服務提供商討論以配合您的需求。實際需要–請考慮服務式辦公室將提供哪些設施。 WIFI,電話線和家具是您需要的基本設備。這些設施應由租借方提供,以減少你在家具上額外支出。這就是人們選擇服務式辦公室的另一個原因。


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