Is it necessary to register a BR to operate my online shop? | 我是否需要申請商業登記證才能經營我的網上商店?

Ecommerce has undoubtedly renovated in these 20 years. Due to the user-friendly system and technology development, the online shop became the main platform in the retail industry. In Hong Kong, many people have the same question “Do I need to apply for a business registration for my shop?” Therefore, we will discover this topic this week.

According to Business Registration Ordinance (Cap.310) any person carrying on sole proprietorship or partnership business shall apply for business registration within one month of the commencement of such business. IRD will not accept any applications for registration of businesses that have never existed or have yet to commence operation. No matter what kind of online business you are running, business registration is necessary if you are operating e-commerce on IG shops, Carousell and Shoplines etc.… Even though many online shops do not register the BR, it does not mean they are legal. Referring to the ordinance, Inland Revenue Department clearly clarifies that the penalty of late submission is a fine of $5,000 and imprisonment for 1 year. Therefore, we recommend you arrange a BR as soon as possible.

You may wonder how to register a BR without a business address. Normally, your residential address could be used for the registration, but it might bother your personal privacy issue. Therefore, many people prefer to rent a virtual office as a business address. Meanwhile, those virtual office addresses provide parcel and letter collection services. You could manage your business easily.

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電子商務發展無疑在這 20 年裡轉變了不少。隨著方便用户的電子系統發展,網上商店逐漸成為零售行業的主要平台。在香港,很多人都有同樣的疑問:“我的網店需要申請商業登記證 (BR) 嗎?”因此,我們將在本週探討這個話題。

根據《商業登記條例》(第 310 章),任何經營獨資或合夥業務的人須在該業務開展後的一個月內申請商業登記證。稅務局不會接受任何從未存在或尚未開始營運的企業的申請註冊。無論您經營何種線上業務,例如 IG Shop、Carousell 和 Shoplines 等,均需要進行申請商業登記證……不少人認為許多營運了多年的網店都沒有註冊商業登記證,因此公司註冊處不會抽查他們的公司。但這裏要澄清一點的是,即使政府抽查 但不意味著它們是合法的. 根據條例罰則,稅務局清楚澄清了沒有註冊商業登記證或逾期提交的最高罰款為5,000 元及監禁 1 年。因此,我們建議您盡快為你的網店安排商業登記證。


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