How To Change the Registered Address? | 如何更改註冊地址?

Business is flexible and mobility. You may consider changing to another location to save the cost or find a new place to develop your business. No matter which location you chose, do not forget to update your registered address. According to the Companies Registry, the company director has to inform relevant authorities when you changed the company registered address within 15 working days.

What is the difference between Registered Office Address & Business Address?

When you open a company in Hong Kong, you may ask why I need to register two addresses.  To make it simple. The registered office address is managed by Companies Registry. The purpose of this address is to act as an official address and your company’s contact location to ensure that you could receive government letters. You do not need to register the location where your business is operated. HK Government usually requires you to provide the registered office address during the procedure of company formation. After your company is incorporated, your registered office will be shown on the Business Registration Certificate (BR).

The business address is managed by IRD (Inland Revenue Department). It can or cannot be the same address as your registered office based on your business’s needs. People who are operating the business in the retail industry, they are common to have multiple business addresses. You could print out the business address on your name card, website etc… for communication usage.


How To Change the Both Address?

Your company have to report to government departments when you decided to change the address. For the registered address, you could submit the “Form – NR1” via the online application “E-Registry” Once you submitted the documents, the Companies Registry will issue an updated BR with the new address to your company.

If you decided to change the operating location in order to show the BR in your working place. If You have to submit the “Form IRC 3111A” and the address proof such as rental contract or agreement for the application submitting.

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當您在香港開公司時,可能會問為什麼一間公司需要註冊兩個地址? 簡單說明一下,註冊辦公室地址由公司註冊處管理,此地址是用作代表你公司的官方聯繫地址。香港政府通常會要求您在公司成立過程中提供註冊辦事處的地址,公司註冊成立後,您的註冊辦事處將顯示在《商業登記證》上。



對於註冊地址,您可以透過香港政府的線上應用程序“ E-Registry”提交NR1表格。收到表格後公司註冊處將向您的公司發出帶有新地址的更新後的商業登記證。

如果您決定更改營業地址以在您的工作地點展示在商業登記證上,則必須提交 IRC 3111A表格和地址證明(例如租約合同或協議)。

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