Does Shared Office Improve Your Mental Health? | 共享辦公室能改善您的心理健康嗎?

When compared to other cities across the world, Hong Kong has the greatest level of overwork. According to the Hong Kong Government’s annual wage and hours report. Hong Kong employees often work more than 48 hours per week. 12.4% of employees work more than 60 hours every week. Because of the lengthy working hours, your stress level will rise. If you spend nine hours a day in an office, your job motivation will suffer both intellectually and physically. Is it true that these types of health improve in a shared office or coworking space? Let’s have a look:

Freelancers and self-employed people rarely interact with others. In terms of the mental aspect, if you don’t have somebody to talk to when you’re having troubles, pressure levels can quickly rise. You will feel lonely as well. To address these issues, some of our tenants suggested that renting a shared office space is a solution.

Boost Productivity

Because they need to work outside of the office, those freelancers’ work schedules may not be as consistent as 9-6, Monday through Friday. Coworking spaces and shared offices offer residents the flexibility to work early or late. Work productivity is enhanced by flexibility. When you can organize your work process around your schedule, you can reduce unnecessary work pressure, which is good for your mental health.


A coworking space allows residents to be flexible. The low rental charge successfully attracted users from a variety of businesses. People can be easily led down a blind alley if they do not have the advice of a third party. It enables people to discover new sources of inspiration and collaboration in a coworking setting. Increasing your creativity at work not only helps you gain confidence and trust in yourself, but it also opens up new prospects for your company. This is why coworking spaces and shared offices cater to freelancers and self-employed individuals.


Shared offices are typically provided by coworking spaces or business centres. It facilitates your work by satisfying professional standards. Some service providers modify their space with additional facilities, such as a nap room and a board game house, to provide relaxation equipment to residents. These facilities usually offer a work-life balance environment, which may boost your motivation.

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與其他國家相比,香港是世界上過度疲勞的城市。根據香港政府關於年收入和工作時間的報告。香港僱員平均每週工作超過 48 小時。 12.4% 的僱員工時更超過 60 小時。長時間工作是增加壓力的主要因素。當你每天在辦公室9 個小時,你的精神和身體的影響很容易受到影響。共享辦公室是否能改善這些健康狀況?









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