company formation hong kong

Company Formation in Hong Kong is so easy and special due to the reason: China is the fastest developing producer in the world and it is one of the twins Special Administrative regions that are best suited for any commerce. The SARs has their system of their own that had makes the laws of Company Formation of Hong Kong.

The Prerequisites of Company formation in Hong Kong are:

  • Company must have minimum one director
  • Company must have a secretary who is a resident of Hong Kong
  • The Director and the Secretary cannot be the same person
  • There must be at least one shareholder in the company
  • The least paid up capital to Company Formation Hong Kong is HKD1
  • Company must have a name
  • Company must be registered with its seal and chop
  • Bank accounts to be opened in Hong Kong and be operated for business
  • Annual tax returns to be submitted to the government
  • Hong Kong Formed Company must strictly undergo Auditing of its accounts
  • Company can be taken over in its name
  • Registered office and its branch address must be consolidated

KPC Offices in Hong Kong provides a free business consultation and on incorporation we help you to perform all steps for the Formation of Company in Hong Kong which includes Company name search, auditing services, finding suitable office spaces, hong kong visa solutions and what not. With us around you to do all formalities, you can have the following advantages.

Hong Kong is a prime place in Asia and travelling in and out for business is very easy. Import or export is done in all modes: air, ship or land means. It is also the gateway of investment to the People’s Republic of China. With a stable government and substantial resources in hand, Hong Kong Company Formation is a cake walk for business start-ups. Corporate tax is lowest all among the world:  16.5 %. Personal liabilities are also very low.

Hong Kong has its special law for Formation of Company. It is worthy to note that the judicial system in Hong Kong is renowned and trust-worthy in all kinds of manner. All the major financial institutions have bank branches in here. With an AAA stable credit rating the chances of prosperity of the Company Formation in Hong Kong is very high.

Visa applicability is very easy for business visits. Periodical visa and other schemes are available for people who work in Hog Kong