Can Serviced Office Save Your Money? | 服務式辦公室可以為您省錢嗎?

The Hybrid Work Model is being popular, and some of the enterprises are not required spacious office space anymore. In order to save cost, the serviced office became the option for their needs. The renting fee is certainly different between the serviced office and traditional office. Here are the reasons why serviced office saves your money.

Well Equipped

When you move into the serviced office, the furniture should be well prepared. The service providers have to ensure that the office is ready to use at any time. As a tenant, you do not need to pay for the furniture since the rental fee is included. Undoubtedly, it saved your cost. Of course, you can arrange your furniture, but the logistics and cost will be barred by yourself.


Renting a traditional office, you might be worried about the maintenance cost. It leads to extra cost spending. However, you are no longer worried about this issue owing to all the maintenance being managed by the serviced provider.

Reduce the Administration Cost

In most of the serviced offices, reception and administration services are included. The service provider will deploy a supporting team to assist the client if they have any administration helps. At least, you do not need to worry about serving guests, handling the incoming mail etc.… You can save the hiring cost for such administration works.

Access to build up a connection

When you attend the connection event hosted by other organisation, you usually pay the annual fee or access ticket. The serviced office saved these kinds of money as you could find the potential client from the tenants. Meanwhile, your service provider will also host the connection events, but it is free for the in-house client.

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